Food Additive Safety and Handling

Ricca Terpenes and Flavors are concentrated and not diluted. Therefore, they should not be used for direct consumption. For most products a 2-5% dilution will produce the desired flavor, effect, or aroma, however, determining the exact concentration for your products will be up to you.

When handling concentrated Terpene and Flavor blends, it is important to keep safety in mind. Remember that like many organic chemicals, some terpenes are flammable, and thus blends of terpenes can be flammable as well. Terpene blends should be kept away from sources of heat and open flames. When handling these chemicals, wear proper PPE. Avoid direct inhalation, and when necessary, waft the vapors towards your nose. For any additional safety concerns, always consult a products SDS before handling. Ricca SDS's are available for download on our website 24/7 at

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