Perchloric Acid

Perchloric Acid
Chemical Formula HClO4
Formula Weight 100.46
Equivalent Weight 100.46 (Molar = Normal)
CAS No. 7601-90-3

Perchloric Acid is one of the strongest acids known. Solutions of Perchloric Acid in Glacial Acetic Acid are typically used in nonaqueous titrations of amines and other organic bases, as well as salts of organic acids (which act as bases in Glacial Acetic Acid). The water introduced by the aqueous solution of Perchloric Acid used in the preparation of this nonaqueous titrant is converted to Acetic Acid by the addition of the appropriate amount of Acetic Anhydride to the titrant when it is made. The elimination of water leads to sharper endpoints which can be detected potentiometrically or by using visual indicators, such as Crystal Violet (Methyl Violet).

A 1 Normal (Molar) solution of Perchloric Acid contains approximately 86 mL of concentrated (70%) Perchloric Acid per liter.

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