Trichloroacetic Acid

Trichloroacetic Acid
Chemical Formula CCl3COOH
Formula Weight 163.39
Equivalent Weight 163.39 (Molar = Normal)
CAS No. 76-03-9

Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) is a much stronger acid than Acetic Acid, from a chemical ionization standpoint, because the electronegative Chlorine atoms draw electron density away from the carboxyl end of the molecule, creating a partial positive charge on the carboxyl group, and allowing easier removal of the positively charged Hydrogen ion, H+. A 0.03 Molar solution of TCA is almost 90% ionized, while a comparable strength of Acetic Acid is less than 3% ionized. The strong electron pull of the Chlorine atoms also gives TCA the undesirable tendency to cleave, producing Chloroform (CHCl3) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

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