C of A and SDS Request

Q. Where can I obtain the C of A or SDS?

A. To the left side of the screen there is a light blue box that says Product Search. With this, you can also access the C of A or SDS for a product. Click on Certificate of Analysis and enter the desired lot number, or click on SDS and enter the desired catalog number.

Alternatively, go to the Product Search box and with Product Search selected, type in the desired catalog number. Find and select the desired product or catalog number. On the top right hand corner of the product page are icons for both the C of A and SDS. This C of A will be a spec sheet, and will not be lot specific. If you need the C of A for a lot available on the shelf, click on Lots Available on the product page, which will take you to the lots available and in stock on the shelf. On the right hand side there is an icon that will take you to the C of A for that lot.