Analytical Solutions and Inorganic Standards

RICCA CHEMICAL COMPANY is the leading manufacturer of analytical testing solutions. Built on the commitment to consistently deliver exceptional quality backed with superior service, we offer the largest product offering of ready-to-use analytical solutions and extensive custom manufacturing capabilities.

  • Standardized Acids, Bases and Titrants
  • pH Reference Buffers
  • Conductivity Standards
  • AA, ICP and ICP-MS Standards
  • Turbidity Standards
  • Biological Stains
  • Chemical Indicators
  • Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) Reagents and Standards
  • USP Test Reagents
  • Water Analysis Reagents (EPA, ASTM, and APHA Standard Methods testing)
  • High Purity Water (USP, USP/EP, ASTM D 1193 (Types I-IV), ACS)
  • Custom Products made to your specifications

(888) GO-RICCA (467-4222) or at (817) 461-5601

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